Claybourne Co.


Premium Indoor Eighths

(3.5g) 100% Indoor grown, hand-trimmed traditional varieties of premium selections. Full cannabinoid and terpene profiles displayed on the back.
Ultra Premium Gold Cuts Eighths
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Exclusive and unique genetics from Claybourne’s breeding and selection program. Loud Nose, High Potency, Big Flavor, AAA Aesthetic.
Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls
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Ultra potent Diamond Infused Flyers (2.5g) 5-packs made from Premium Indoor Full Flower & infused with crushed, pure THCa Diamonds. Rolled in a .5g pre-roll.
Full Flower Pre-Rolls
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Build Your Own Pre-Roll 20 Pack!
Get any four (4) 5-packs for $99

100% Indoor grown, Premium Flowers, Pre-Rolls and Concentrates. High THC with full cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Available in Grams, Eighths, Half and Full Ounces.

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